Innovative technological solutions

Optimal design, construction, management and maintenance of smart technologies and applications

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More Than Just IT Support

Semma Management provides organizations of all sizes with the best and most reliable IT solutions. The high velocity ot the ever-evolving technology market, we believe that companies need reliable partners to help them with the challenges of technological growth. We provide management, development and technical support of advanced technologies with application in various sectors.

We build and update finished products. 

We have the professional equipment for capturing, processing and analyzing images (using UAVs, a combination of orthophoto images with rich details and at different angles). Precision and detailed visualization, applicable in a wide range of business needs.

Our strengths are what you need - Management

We can provide top notch management skill set. Innovation and out of the box thinking is what drives all our managers.

Our experience in building or updating a product is with a solid background. We make the best out of the Agile (SCRUM, Kanban) methodologies.

We understand well that the on-time high quality project delivery is what really builds trust between partners.​

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We develop and implement your ideas in real time

Giving you the power of our developers to turn your ideas into a working and finished product.

Our dev team has great experience in creating different types of applications that are later on going to become your best product and the heart of your company.

We believe in the constant client feedback that is why we will give constant information on the development process through fast feature releases. Bit by bit methodology.

The technological solutions you need