The marketing element is probably the most difficult for most businesses at the moment, especially when the product is new and unknown on the market.


You will learn about the latest marketing practices.

Semma managment's team teaches and develops communication skills to corporations and NGOs, individuals or family businesses and even students in Bulgaria and abroad. Marketing science is constantly evolving. Technology allows us more and more tools and opportunities.

Our reward can be based on your success!

We build complete solutions and often guarantee their effectiveness by taking responsibility for implementing our solution for our client and are ready to receive a reward based solely on the success we have achieved.  

Стратегическо консултиране

We are not afraid of whether you are a small or large business.

This is the reason why we are chosen not only by small businesses that would not otherwise be able to afford a service of similar quality, but also by large businesses and projects, for which the most important thing is that we guarantee success through our own remuneration. 

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