Attendance and online trainings

Our Trainings

Conducted in 3 main stages:



Together with you, we assess the needs and challenges that we should address. 

We plan the content, form and appropriate environment for the training.


Profiled training

Parallel focus on different goals. Changing habits is a real challenge for any organization. Proper selection of appropriate techniques and tools is key to achieving an effect.


Monitoring and feedback

Compliance of the working environment with the recommendations during the training.
Facilitation of
supportive processes for individuals, tailored to the everyday work environment.
to the everyday work environment.  

Training topics

The training topics are determined individually for your team after our observation. Here are some sample topics:
  • Group dynamics 
  • Psychological types and effective work 
  • Conflict managment 
  • Goal setting 
  • Effective communication and introduction to body language 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Work processes  
  • Active rest during work 
  • Organization of anti-stress activities 
  • Ergonomic touches  
  • Activism before and after work
  • Awareness, perceptions and observation - the new soft skills 
  • Sense of humor 
  • The wheel of life - the path of personal happiness 
  • Own image and influence through personal example 
  • Teambuilding techniques for the conscious leader 
  • Stimulation and motivation without money 
  • Time management 
  • Self-preservation
  • Stress management 
  • Work-life balance
  • Building an image and personal example
  • Feedback
  • Improving the emotional and rational work environment
  • Improving the physical working environment
  • The professional skills of the new century

Attendance trainings

The Semma Management team has been conducting trainings in various formats for more than 20 years. Formal or not, to improve teamwork or to create new teams, to develop new soft skills or specialization in a specific field, to jointly plan new projects or a comprehensive review of existing activities, for personal development or professional growth, for small groups of several people to events with dozens or hundreds at once - we have already done it. Our experience is not limited to Bulgaria. Our clients range from large corporations, through NGOs activities, training for students and youth and government agencies. We select suitable presenters depending on the topics and goals. We are adaptable and do not forget that the easiest way to achieve results is in a pleasant atmosphere. We work with you for you and remain available after the event.


Online learning

The Covid 19 pandemic has put everyone in a new reality - teleworking, social distance, new working conditions, limited mobility, restriction on gathering in one place - these are just some of the challenges facing employers. At the same time, many of the professional needs remain the same, with an increasing impact on the working capacity, efficiency and motivation of employees. The opportunity to conduct distance learning in the field of soft skills will be key and will develop in the coming years with great speed.We, at Semma Management, are ready to take on any challenge in this direction, placing our already gained practical experience, including in the virtual environment. We can help you understand the needs of our teams and managers, plan together how to meet them and hold virtual events of various kinds: training, team building, improving the work environment at home and much more.

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